70+ Valentine Day Wishes for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day has Celebrated Annually on 14th, Feb. on valentine’s day lover gain the Best Chance to share his/her feeling with one another and everyone change greeting cards in the name of love. Especially on 14th Feb People attention his/her love together by allocate time with one another, distributing Valentine’s wishes, Messages, Quotes, and Sending Flowers.

Convert your thoughts of Love into words. then I will recommend you to not miss any Chance to make this Valentine’s Day the most Special. This day is all about to allocate time with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend and Make Her/Him feel the love that you have in your Heart.

We have Collected for you the most Beautiful Valentine’s Day Wishes, Quotes, and Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend. You can also Share it on Social Media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

70+ Valentine Day Wishes

Happy Valentine Day

  • “Don’t ask me what present I want to get for Valentine’s day. Neither expensive jewelry nor a hundred roses won’t compare to your warm hugs and tender kisses. All I want is you by my side, darling.”

  • “Before I met you, I had thought that true love existed in books and movies only. You’re the most handsome, strongest and kindest man I’ve ever seen. I really want our love to be everlasting and bring us both much happiness!”

  • “Romeo and Juliet killed themselves for love. Cleopatra killed herself when she found out that her lover had died. But I don’t want to die for our love – it’s too easy. I want to live for our love. Happy Valentine’s day, darling!”

  • “We’re only humans, we’re not immune from mistakes. But whatever happens, I will never regret loving you, because you gave me the best years of my life. Loving you is not a mistake and will never be – it’s a real blessing.”

  • “One day I will write a book. It will be the book of love based on the real story – our love story, darling. I will write down every single sweet word that you ever said to me, I will show all these kind and noble things that you ever did for me. I’ll capture our love forever.”

  • “Happy Valentine‘s Day to such a special and adorable man, who has the keys to my heart!”

  • “They say people fall in love when Cupid strikes. Well, it seems to me that I was injured by thousands of love arrows because my love for you knows no borders. Happy Valentine’s day, honey!”

  • “Your tight embrace brings me a sense of security. Your warm kisses give me so much pleasure that I feel like I’m in heaven. Every time I see you my heart starts beating faster and it’s getting harder to breathe. I know these symptoms: it’s love, honey. I must confess that I really love you.”

  • “I don’t want our love to be like a flame, because it can burn us and it isn’t eternal. I don’t want our love to be like a flight, because there always comes a time to come down to earth. I just want our love to be genuine. Happy Valentine’s day, darling!”

  • “Without you, I would never know how inspiring sunset and sunrise are. I would never know how beautiful I am. And ultimately I would never know what real love is. Thank you for filling my life with all these precious things. I love you, darling.”

Happy Valentine Day

  • “Despite it’s a cold February outside, I feel warm and cozy because of you. You’re my sun and light, darling. As long as I stay in your arms, I’ll never feel cold. Never let me go.”

  • “Although I’m blinded by my love for you, I can see our future together very clearly. I don’t know where we will live and how we will look like, but I’m strongly convinced that love, understanding, and care will follow us everywhere we go. Happy Valentine’s day, my love (Boyfriend and Girlfriend)!”

  • “I love you so much that the only thing that matters is your happiness: with or without me. Happy Valentine’s day!”

  • “Recently you’ve been wondering what I want for Valentine’s day… I want you to make the most cherished dream of mine come true. Only you’re able to do it. I know it’s not easy, but promise me that at least you will try. Please, love me forever. Happy Valentine Day”

  • “I suffer when we don’t see each other for more than two days… I feel like I’m going to blow up because of getting too emotional. You’re the only man who’s able to start a flame in my heart and I wish it will never end. Happy Valentine’s day, darling!”

  • “I am so glad that you came into my life and showed me what true love is all about.”

  • “Actually, for me, there’s no difference between Valentine’s day and any other day. Because each day gives me a wonderful opportunity to prove how strong my love for you is. I worship you every day of my life, honey.”

  • “Oh, my Valentine! I want to spend every day waking up and enjoying every sunrise with you, I love you so much!”

  • “No matter what we are far from each other, I see you when I close my eyes and I feel you near me all the time because you are always in my heart!”

  • “It‘s so good to have a person in my life who can always make me smile, hold my hand and give me the warmest hug!”

Happy Valentine Day

  • “My love for you sets my heart on fire and makes each day of my life so special!”

  • “Happiness may come in many forms – a loving family and great career achievements. But for me, the main source of happiness is sharing my life‘s moments with a special man like you!”

  • “Loving is like looking at the stars – if you look at one of them long enough, all others will disappear. Happy Valentine‘s Day to my one and only!”

  • “Thank you for making me feel special and loved every single day. You are the man that I waited for all my life!”

  • “Only because of you my life is just like heaven on Earth now. Thank you for turning my dreams into reality, sweetheart!”

  • “Your love and all the little things that you do fill my heart with joy!”

  • “I consider myself to be the happiest girl in the world because I found the real diamond. It‘s you!”

  • “I will always cherish in my heart the day when I met you and I am thankful for all the love that you brought into my life!”

  • “I am smiling all the time because You are in my life.I believe in everything that you say because these words are Yours.And I have never been so happy before until I met You.”

  • “I love my life because you are a part of it.I love you because you are my life, honey.Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Happy Valentine Day

  • “On this special Valentine’s list, You’re at the top, my love.I love you, and I know for sure, our love will never end! Happy Valentine Day”

  • “May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with those you hold dear.”

  • “If you feel cold at night, let the promise of my love and hugs cover you up like a warm blanket. I love you so much, my dear!”

  • “Valentine’s Day is a day of love, no one loves me more than you. You brighten up my every day and you deserve my undying love.Will You Be my Valentine?”

  • “After so many years of stay with each otherOne thing that I understand is that I can’t think of living without you!”

  • “The time I spend with you is so unique and special, you are my heartbeat and my life.Thanks for being such a wonderful wife!”

  • “Each and every day, I think about you and I love you more than anyone,You are really a bright star of my life, without you, I would not strive, Love you!”

  • “Before I sleep at night, I always pray for you to be my husband,I cannot imagine myself to be with a man other than you.”

  • “Every day, I want you to know that you will be my Valentineagain and you will be my Valentine for many more years to come”

  • “May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, understanding, and satisfaction as you journey through life with those you hold dear.”

Happy Valentine Day

  • “You are simple, you are unique, you are caring and you are the world’s best man and I am so lucky because I have you in my life!!”

  • “Looking at you tickles every inch of me, I cannot wait to have you near me, I love you!”

  • “I will hold your hand because I have never ever met someone more special than you are, I love you”

  • “May this Valentine bless us with the cupid of love and warmth of romance.”

  • “A special feeling in my heart, you make me feel so good,Having a friend like you, I feel so blessed, Touch wood”

  • “Do you know that I don’t love you, for you are my friend,You are my only friend and that is why I love you”

  • “Dear friend, you’ve known me for years and we’ve shared intimate moments of our lives together. Thanks for being more than just a friend.”

  • “Valentine’s Day is a great day to let those you love know how special they are. I want to let you know that you are a special friend.”

  • “As a friend, you have always watched my back and have been the pillar of support to lean on.You’ve shared my happy and sad times without complaining. You are a true friend with a sweetheart!”

  • “Friends are medicine for a wounded heart and vitamins for a hopeful soul.”

Best Valentine Day  Wishes

Happy Valentine Day

  • “Your beautiful smile can set my heart on fire.”

  • “People say that love can make all our dreams come true. I got to know about it from the moment I first met you. Happy Valentine day”

  • “I love you from the bottom of my heart and I hate you because I cannot do anything without your support.”

  • “I am thinking of you every second, not because it’s the Valentine’s Day, but also in other 364 days of the year.”

  • “When I take a look back at the things, I’m glad that I found you. Wishing you the best Valentine’s Day.”

  • ” I have never known that love could be this perfect and thank you very much for everything that you gave to me. Happy Valentine Day”

  • ” You are the reason that makes me wake up every morning with a bright smile on the face.”

  • ” My love for you is real and it would make me do unreal things. Wishing you the best on Valentine’s Day.”

  • ” I am glad that I have someone special in my life, which can be there by my side whenever I need the most.”

  • ” I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever. Let’s celebrate many more Valentine’s Days to come.”

Happy Valentine Day

  • “With this simple message, I’m unable to show how much I love you.”

  • “You are the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up and the last thing that comes to my mind before I go to sleep.”

  • ” There’s nothing in this world that can change my love for you darling.”

  • ” You make me feel complete and thank you very much for all the support that you gave to me.”

  • ” You are the person whom I had been waiting for forever. I love you.”

  • ” Boyfriend and Girlfriend, I fall in love with my eyes when you take a look at them. I love my name when you say it. I love my life when you love me.”

  • ” Every single day, I fall in love with you and it would be forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  • ” Love me without any restrictions and feel free to accept who I am. Happy Valentine!”

  • ” Darling, spread love wherever you go. You would definitely be blessed with the love you get in return.”

  • ” From random kisses to random laughs, I feel how lucky I am to be in a relationship with you.”

Happy Valentine Day

  • “Our love has the ability to grow endlessly and it would be perfect in the future.”

  • ” On the first day I met, you took my breath away and I could not respond to it.”

  • ” The more guys I meet, the more I realize that you are the perfect person I could have ever asked for. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!”

  • ” On this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to tell you that my love for you would never die.”

  • ” I love the way how you kiss me for no special reason. I believe that love would cherish forever.”

  • ” Every single moment that I have spent with you has been awesome. Happy Valentine’s Day darling.”

  • ” Dear Boyfriend, I promise you that the best in our love life is yet to come. I love you.”

  • ” I have given all of me to you. I am glad that you are my husband and I could have never asked for anyone better.”

  • ” What would you do if my heart was broken into two? I know that you would fix it for me. I love you.”

  • ” Hold me and love me like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t wish for anything better.”

  • ” I use the language of love more than all other languages because you are my everything.”