30+ I Love You Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

A girl, you think that she can complete my Life. It is Important to Show your Love for her while using words that come from your Heart.  Or you want to wish her I love you Wishes, Messages, And Quotes then you are in Right place we have collected the best wishes, Messages, and Quotes for our Visitor.

Sometime that might be Difficult to think of the Words to Define the colorful passion that Brings Love.You can Share it on Social Media Such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and Twiter. 

50+ I Love You Wishes

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥I like that our love is maturing like an old forest. It’s cool, shady, relaxing, and it feels safe.”

  • “♥When I think about having you as a lover and friend, I thank God for the great blessing He gave me.”

  • “♥My lips thirst to taste your sweet kisses.”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥When you asked me out for the first time, I felt like I had won the lottery. I still feel just as lucky today.”

  • “♥I have found that our names said out loud together have a nice ring. I am comfortable with you in other ways too and know that we must go well together.”

  • “♥Even though you are a long distance away from me, because of our connection I am able to teleport myself to your side with a simple phone call.”

  • “♥Thank you for making sure that your love is not just a feeling you have for me but also an action you display toward me constantly.”

  • “♥When I start to miss you, sometimes I just look at the moon and wonder if you are looking too.”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥There are a lot of different reasons for me to like you. I like your beautiful smile, sense of humor, and our shared interests, but the reason I love you is your strong character, values, and goals.”

  • “♥We are polar opposites. We are constantly pulling closer to each other.  We are opposites that attract.”

  • “♥My love for you is as hard and strong as a diamond. That’s why I decided to get you this special gift. (Insert diamond jewelry)”

  • “I figured out that there are more reasons to not like you than reasons to like you, yet I am still with you. I realized that it could only mean that I love you very much.  I hope my feelings for you are mutual.”

  • “♥When you give me that perfect smile of yours, I can feel my heart melt into a glob of soft wax and my legs get wobbly like Jell-O.”

  • “♥I think you have become such a major part of my life that I would have a shorter life expectancy if I lost you.”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥My heart wrote you a poem, but it doesn’t have hands to write it. It doesn’t have a mouth to recite it. But if you lay your ear on my chest, you can hear the rhythm of the poem. And your heart will understand every unspoken word.”

  • “♥Your love shines on me like a spotlight from a police helicopter on a fleeing criminal. I know there’s no escape and there’s nowhere I can hide from it. The difference about this crime is that I don’t mind being caught.”

  • “♥I realized I must love you when I found myself in a situation where I didn’t feel like I liked you but I still wanted to be with you.  Only love can do that.

  • “♥Loving you has been an addiction, and I don’t ever want to go to rehab.”

  • “♥If people argue the most with those they are closest to, then you and I must have true love.”

  • “♥If I could choose one song that would represent the kind of love we have, I would have to choose Rhapsody in Blue… or Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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  • “♥I tried to think of a clever way to tell you how much I love you. When I couldn’t come up with anything good, I decided to look up some ideas on the internet. This is the message that I found on the internet to write to you. Sorry I am not creative.”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥My love for you is so real, that it makes me want to do unreal things like jumping on the clouds and climbing on the rainbow. I love you.”

  • “♥Our lives are like a romantic movie played again and again. We smile, we flirt, we laugh and we fight – and we do it all over again. I love you.”

  • “♥Falling in love with you… I don’t know how or when it happened. All I know that it is the best thing to have happened to me. I love you.”

  • ” ♥From random laughs to random kisses, our love has put me in a blissful state of randomness that I never want to come out of. I love you.”

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  • “♥ The sun can rise, the sun can set, but my day will never start until I get. A text from you, followed by a hug, and later a lot of kisses over a warm coffee mug. I love you.”

  • “♥I never thought that only three words could sum up the reason for my existence. But I realized how wrong I was when I said… I Love You.”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥If loving you was a job, I would be the most deserving, dedicated and qualified candidate. In fact, I would even be willing to work for free. I love you.”

  • “♥I don’t know how you got inside my heart, but I do know that I never want you to leave. I love you.”

  • “♥My boyfriend, that you are – then why are you so far? Your girlfriend, that I am – then why is my heart in a jam? Maybe because I miss you every single second, and our love is nothing short of a legend. I love you.”

  • “♥Loving you is not a choice or an option. It is a need and a necessity. I love you.”

  • “♥I Love You are three words that have no meaning to me whatsoever until they are either said by me to you or you to me. I love you.”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥Every day with you is a wonderful addition to my life’s journey.”

  • “♥You’re my paradise and I’d happily get stranded on you for a lifetime.”

  • “♥Just when I think that it is impossible to love you any more than I already do, you prove me wrong.”

  • “♥The only time I stupidly smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you.”

  • “♥What is love? It is what makes your cell phone ring every time I send text messages.”

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  • “♥ Darling, you fill my life with light. I’m so thankful to have you by my side. I love you so much!”

  • “♥ From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew you were a perfect match for me. I love everything about you.”

  • “♥ I will be always by your side in good and bad times, in happy and sad moments…because I love you!”

I Love You Wishes

  • “♥ Before I met you, I didn’t truly understand what it meant to love someone. Now that we’re together I can’t imagine what life would be like without you. I love you so much!”

  • “♥ You and I were made for one another. We fit together like a hand in a glove. Thank you for choosing to be my girlfriend. I love you!”

  • “♥ Loving you comes so naturally. Just seeing you walk into a room puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.”

  • “♥ You’re the only one in this world I want to be with from now until forever. Thank you for giving me your heart. I love you so much!”